Satellite Broadband


Always On Communications Solutions

Broadband for Governments

The disastrous impact of natural disasters in the Caribbean compounded by the recent global pandemic has sharpened the need for national resilience – energy, food, water, shelter, and now, more than ever, internet connectivity.

Voice and data connectivity is now an essential service. Society can no longer function without internet connectivity.

Robust, practised, technology-enabled work-streams sit at the heart of genuine national resilience, business continuity, disaster mitigation, and economic recovery plans.

Customised Connectivity Solutions

Public Health & Safety

Climate change impact and life in the COVID era means public health and safety officials must have reliable and resilient internet access, which is now an essential service.
Our broadband solutions are delivered across secure, independent infrastructure.

Critical Infrastructure

Customized solutions for critical infrastructure facilities – communications, air and seaports, food and agriculture, water and wastewater systems, transportation systems, public health and energy.

National Security

Our services provide better protection from man-made and natural disasters, improve infrastructures and reduce the threat of interruption of daily business that these systems provide, to enhance the overall security.

'Always On' Education

Our satellite solutions provide internet service virtually anywhere. We ensure school, is always on.

Enterprise Redundancy


Growing dependence on cloud computing, storage, and services, requires higher levels of up time and network availability. Often, these are not available with existing terrestrial networks in developing countries.

Relying solely on connectivity provided by standard terrestrial networks can leave mission-critical IT systems vulnerable to outages due to the increased frequency and intensity of hurricane systems, cyber-attacks/hacks, and other terrestrial mishaps, like cable breaks or downed power-lines.

Satellite platforms provide highly resilient broadband connectivity.

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