Mobile Solutions


Public Safety communication network services

Broadband for Public Safety


We deploy, operate, and maintain wireless broadband network solutions dedicated to public safety, to meet their unique and demanding communications needs at the national scale, or for tactical, rapid-deployment scenarios.

This reliable, highly secure, interoperable, and innovative public safety communications platform will bring 21st-century tools to public safety agencies and first responders, allowing them to exchange information quickly and to make faster and better decisions.

Optimised decision-making processes save time and lives. Police, military, fire service, and EMS organisations utilise our mobile solutions to access live data for real-time situational awareness.

Leveraging previous investments in emergency communications infrastructure is crucial. Our solutions enable LMR to LTE interoperability for direct communication from smartphones to legacy radio networks.

Our solutions allow feature-rich, real-time applications to transform first responders’ capabilities. Mobile apps, PTT (Push-To-Talk), mapping, situational awareness, geo-fencing come alive on our networks.

National-Scale Solutions

We work collaboratively with governments to ensure they have reliable, resilient, and robust communications systems and technical support for their day-to-day operations, response to pandemics like COVID-19, disaster mitigation during hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, or cyber-crime activity.

We design and deploy managed networks that form principal elements of critical infrastructure for the modern economy, offering governments extraordinary potential to drive their digital economies and reshape their economic development planning.

Deployable Solutions


For rapid response, tactical, and emergency operations scenarios, deployable mobile solutions are essential. These powerful min-networks come in a variety of form factors, including – Cell on Light Truck – (COLT), Cell on Wheels (COW), and Ultra-Portable solutions.

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