Neptune Communications launching in Jamaica | Friday, September 03, 2021

Barbados-based Neptune Communications, Inc has announced the launch of its operations in Jamaica. The company joins the Jamaican digital landscape offering a portfolio of highly resilient and mission critical communications solutions to be made available islandwide.

Neptune’s Jamaican operation will provide a robust alternative for genuine redundancy by offering resilient broadband Internet access and practical solutions to Government entities and information-driven companies in Jamaica.

Chief executive officer (CEO) of Neptune Communications Julian Jordan said, “the Caribbean remains highly vulnerable to network outages and downtime due to natural and man-made hazards and disasters including hurricanes, downed poles, cable breaks and electric grid volatility. Climate change is making things much worse. Highly available network connectivity is now a critical priority for cloud users and our solution offers a truly redundant path for data over independent infrastructure, to ensure the highest possible uptime for our customers. Our mission is to keep our customers #AlwaysOn”.

Neptune’s satellite service offerings include high availability, uptime and independent infrastructure, which is resilient to terrestrial hazards. The entity is a licensed network operator in Barbados and recently announced a partnership with leading O-RAN solutions provider Parallel Wireless.

According to Jordan, “our intention is to simplify the conversation on resilience and redundancy, and reinforce the discussion with robust, cost-effective solutions and services in the region.”

Jordan further added “as one of the Caribbean’s primary economic engines and a principal market in the region for ICT services, Jamaica is an important market for Neptune. We already cover 100 percent of Jamaica’s geography, so we will address the market in conjunction with our existing global partners, and we look forward to engaging more fulsome capacity with our Jamaican corporate partners who support our mission.”

Neptune intends to hire highly talented Jamaicans for its operation in Jamaica, as it addresses the needs of Government and businesses islandwide. Jordan revealed: “Extraordinary developments are underway in the communications space globally which have yet to be accessed throughout the Caribbean. We intend to be an agent of technological transformation and we look forward to retaining the best local technical and executive talent to deliver on our mission. We’ll make further announcements on this shortly.”

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