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Bnamericas Published: Tuesday, June 07, 2022


Neptune Communications has received formal approval from regulator OUR to officially begin operations in Jamaica.

The Barbados firm satisfied all requirements to obtain a license to operate across the island as the newest satellite technology service provider. 

With coverage on 100% of the island, “Neptune will provide dependable, independent redundancy for Government and Corporate clients to ensure more reliable connectivity in the country,” the company stated in a release.


Belize’s largest telecommunication company, BTL, has acquired cable company Alternative Networks Limited, becoming a quadruple play service provider in the Central American country, according to local media.

Alternative Networks operates as Cayo Television Network (CTN) and offers IPTV and OTT services. This offering will complement BTL’s fiber infrastructure. 

BTL has invested in fiber optic networks but has been unable to achieve sufficient return on its investments. “BTL, unfortunately, needs to improve on its profitability. It needs to start paying back the owners of this company for that humongous investment that you have in this company,” Mark Lizaraga, chairman of the BTL board of directors, was quoted as saying by outlet 7 News Belize. 

The details of the acquisition were not disclosed. 


Cable Bahamas unveiled plans to refinance US$169m in preference share debt, after producing its first quarterly net profit for several years, reported local newspaper The Tribune. 

The company expects to make a US$500,000 reduction in debt servicing costs and interest. 

The announcement comes after the group posted US$1.46mn in net and comprehensive income for January-March 2022.

Cable Bahamas also confirmed its US$80-85mn rollout of a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network after its 2022 financial year closes at end-June.


The Communication Workers Union (CWU) of Trinidad & Tobago claims that local telecommunications company TSTT is calling out retrenched workers to fix lines for customers, as it does not have anyone to do repairs in critical areas.

Nevertheless, the company has denied this, with an official saying that “TSTT has not called out any retrenched employee to effect repairs,” local newspaper Trinidad & Tobago Guardian reported.

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